Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Shay Mitchell Loves That Nut

Shay Mitchell is a gorgeous sight for a hard cock. She has a sexy petite little body built like a teen, a perfect fuck doll. I can see myself fucking her cunt all day, busting my nuts in her guts. Filling her pussy completely with hot fresh semen. Then having her push it out so I can see what 24 hours of semen dumping looks like "a giant puddle of thick creamy man goo". What a sight that would be!
Oh yeah, she flashes all kinds of nipple in this clip. "Very nice!"

My cum tribute to Shay Mitchell .
First Cock Milking:
 She is so sexy!
Dame, she already has my cock rock hard!
Fuck, I can't hold it back anymore!
Wow, that felt nice!
Them big thick wads look great on her face.

Second Cock Milking:
So beautiful!
Lick that shaft baby!
Oh shit, what a load!
Fuck, I really unloaded my balls on this one!

Third Cock Milking:
What a sexy mouth!
Open wide!
What a huge oozing load!

Fourth Cock Milking:
Very nice!
Come and get it!
Get ready, here it cums!
Oh yeah, right in her mouth!
Slurp up that huge wad on your lips before you loose it!

Here's a few more pictures of Shay worthy of some loads, enjoy!
She is just so sexy!

Salma Hayek Makes Bigflip Cum

When I think about Salma Hayek all that comes to mined are big bouncing titties! That is "big bouncing titties with my thick cock squeezed between them! Them tits must feel so fucking soft when you squeeze on them making her big dark nipples swell up and push out a few drops of milk, mmmmmm! I mean what would look better than seeing Salma's big juicy tits covered in a huge stick thick load of man batter, oh yeah!
Fuck yeah, look at them jiggalies go!

My cum tribute to Salma Hayek.
 So gorgeous!
 This is all for you baby!
 Ahhhhhhhhhh, I'm going to cum!
 Dame, that felt so good!
Go ahead baby, Lick that load of your lips!

"Salma Hayek Creamed On"

I messed up while recording the cum tribute and was only able to record this short piece. I hope you all like what little bit I got! 

Here's a few more sexy pictures of Salma to milk your cocks to, enjoy!
So much titties always makes me loose my load!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kristen Stewart Gets a Facial

Kristen Stewart is one naughty little slut. You can just tell she loves to suck cock and fuck for hours. At least that's what my cock thinks. When my cock swells up and feels like its going to rip right out of my pants then she must be slutty. Mmmmmmmmm, her throat must feel so good and silky! I'd love to shoot a thick load deep in that throat.
Mmmmmm, them are some juicy nipples!

My cum tribute to Kristen Stewart.
 Them are some beautiful eyes!
 Slob on this thick cock.
 Here it cums baby!
 Fuck yeah, that felt so good!
Yeah, lick my spunk off your lips baby!

Here's a few more sexy pictures of Kristen worthy of some sperm, enjoy!
She has a nice little ass!