Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kendall Jenner Loves Getting Spunked On

Kendall Jenner "In my opinion" is the sexiest of all the Kardashians. Kim had that title for many years but its time to step down from that spot for her little sister. She's the only one that deserves that title do to the fact that shes the only one that is natural! All the other Kardashians including her baby sister have had plastic surgery. Kendall is the one that still makes my cock stand hard!
Dame, I love how her titties peek out the bottom of her shirt "so sexy".

My cum tribute to Kendall Jenner.
First Cum Blast:
 So beautiful!
 You have me so hard.
 Fuck I'm so close to cumming!
 Wow, that felt amazing!
 Lick that off your lips baby!

Second Cum Blast:
 She has such a beautiful smile!
 Stop looking and come get it!
 Oh yeah, so thick.
Look at it ooze!

 Third Cum Blast:
 She looks so gorgeous!
 Yes that's all for you baby!
 Ahhhhhhh, I love it.
I love giving her my fresh cream!

Here's a few more sexy pictures of Kendall to jerk-off to, enjoy!
She is so sexy!

Here's a few cum tribute pictures from other cum artist on the web. There is so many great ones out there!
These guys pump out some serious cum loads!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Eva Mendes Gets a Healthy Helping Of Spunk

Eva Mendes has been a favorite of mine since I started making cum tributes and I still love busting my nuts all over her face. I don't know why, there is something about her face that drives my cock wild and makes my nuts tingle! Before I even realize whats going on I'm jerking my thick cock and unloading my milk all over her face.
Oh yeah, she needs to have that cock deep in that dripping fuck hole.

My cum tribute to Eva Mendes.
 Ready for some cum baby?
 Oh yeah, that felt so good!
Nice and creamy baby.

Here is a few more sexy pictures of Eva To jerk-off to, enjoy!
So fucking gorgeous!

Hilary Duff Gets Face Cum Plastered

Hilary Duff has made the perfect transition from cute teen celebrity to sexy yummy looking adult celebrity. Most teen idol's tend to just fade away once there TV shows come to an end. But not Hilary, puts herself out there for her fans to see her and how amazing she looks. I can't get enough of her sexy looking legs and ass, especially when she's wearing some tight jeans. Mmmmmmmmmmm! 
Oh fuck yeah, that young tight pussy must feel so wet and hot. "Dripping with cunt juice".

My cum tribute to Hilary Duff.
 She's so sexy!
 Oh fuck, I can't believe how thick that milk came out of my cock!
 Eat it baby, scoop it up into your mouth and swallow.

Dame, I wish I was that white guy knuckles deep in her horny wet pussy!
There you go you sexy slut. Give up that wet pussy!
Wow, I can't get enough of this scene. Makes my cock rock hard!
Fuck, I just want to rub my cock all over her yummy body and cover her with cum.