Monday, January 16, 2017

Kendall Jenner Gets Many Sweet Loads

Kendall Jenner is such a yummy looking fuck doll. She has a perfect body made for fucking. Her sexy titties are perfect handfulls and man candy to suck on! But lets not forget them gorgeous smooth long legs that she will wrap around your waist as your banging balls deep into that tight young cunt. Her young cunt will have you blowing loads in minutes!
I love how her sweet little tits are peeking out the bottom of her top.

My cum tribute to Kendall Jenner.
First Cock Milking:
 Them are some pretty brown eyes.
 I have an apple for you baby!
 Oh yeah, what a load!
 Go ahead and lick it off your lips sexy!

Second Cock Milking:
 She's so beautiful!
 Suck on this big meaty head.
 Oh wow, that splashed so nicely!
 What an awesome facial.

Third Cock Milking:
 She even looks hot without makeup.
 Yeah, rub it on your lips baby!
 Oh shit, I'm going to pop!
 Dame, that huge wad almost missed it's target!
 She still looks fine!

Fourth Cock Milking:
 Very nice!
 Ready for this baby?
 Oh yeah, so creamy!
 That was one gooey load!

Fifth Cock Milking:
 That's it, show some titty!
 You want some more sperm baby?
 Dame, you have my cock so thick right now.
 Now that's a nice thick load!
I love when you can she the chunkiness of the load!

 Sixth Cock Milking:
 The cover says it all, she is a beauty!
 Nice cum chunks!
She never looked better!

 Seventh Cock Milking:
 That's it, pull it open and show some titty!
 Nice juicy squirts!
Wow, she drained me real good!

Here's a few more sexy GIF's of Kendall to help you guys jerk-off, enjoy!
Dame, she looks so fucking hot!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Milla Kunis Loves Them Loads

Milla Kunis is such an amazing actress. What makes her an amazing actress? "Well as for me" there are three main reasons that make her famous. First reason is that shes gorgeous, second is that shes funny and being beautiful/funny are awesome. Last reason and its the one that does it for me is that she gets my cock rock hard. 
I love it when celebs flash a lil titty!

My cum tribute to Mila Kunis.
First Cum Squirt:
What a beautiful smile.
She knows she wants this cock.
Ready for some cum baby?
Yeah, nice and thick.
Go ahead and lick that spunk off your lips baby!

 Second Cum Squirt:
Sexy smooth legs.
Come and get it.
That huge apple head is ready to nut.
Now she looks amazing.
Nice thick load.

Here's a few more sexy pictures of Mila worthy of some cum.
Her tits look nice when she squeezes them like that.