Saturday, August 27, 2016

Demi Lovato Gets Her Tits Creamed

This is a picture of Demi Lovato that I just couldn't pass up. The original picture is so sexy to begin with but after I add my "fake pic" skills it became a cum busting amazing video. I faked Demi with her titties out for the cameras. I just could not stop imagining myself titty fucking her till I drained my balls all over her face and tits! I'm sure some of you guys ill join me and bust a nut on this picture as well. Have fun and enjoy!
That's it baby, shake that sweet ass!

My cum tribute to Demi Lovato.
 She looks so fantastic with her titties out.
 You have me so beefy baby!
 Come and get it!
 Slob on my knob baby!
 There it goes!
 I got more baby!
 Get every drop out.
 Wow, them titties look so fantastic covered in spunk!
Oh my god, that felt so good!

If you would like to see the video to this picture set just follow the link below and enjoy!

Here's some more amazing Demi pictures to cum too, enjoy!
She is so dame sexy!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Katy Perry Gets a Huge Load On Her Face

Katy Perry still makes me so horny with that sexy ass figure she has. Long sexy legs and of course that ass and titties, yummy! She sure knows how to show it off on stage too, bending over so we can see all her cunt from behind. Oh yeah, that's one of my favorites! But I just enjoy watching them titties bouncing all over the place as she gets down, now that is so nice to see!
She looks so gorgeous!

My cum tribute to Katy Perry.
 She looks so hot!
 Oh wow, splat!
Now that's a wad!

Here's a few more Katy cum targets for you guys!
You gata love them titties!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Jennifer Aniston Loves All That Mess

There is one thing that gets my cock hard about Jennifer Aniston and that is them rock hard nipples she has. It seems like them nipples are always erect and that is hot. There is something about a girl with hard nipples that is so dame hot!
Oh yeah, just look at them pokies!

My cum tribute to Jennifer Aniston.
First Cock Milking:
She looks ready for some fun!

Oh yeah, that looks like it felt cumming out "good"!

Nice and creamy!

Second Cock Milking:

She has such a pretty smile.

Yeah, slap your face with this thick cock.

Mmmmmm, that one was a squirter.

What a blast!

Third Cock Milking:

Such beautiful blue eyes.

Suck on my cock sexy!

Wow, that felt so good.

Nice creamy facial.

Fourth Cock Milking:

She wants some more.

Here you go baby.

Suck on that big head.

Oh wow, right in the eye.

Now that was a great facial!

Here's a few more of Jennifer's sexy pictures to jerk too, enjoy!

You just gota love them pokies!