Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bigflip Pumps a Load On Hailee Steinfeld's Face

Hailee Steinfeld looks so gorgeous and is only looking better. She makes my cock so hard it just aches to shoot fresh man milk all over her pretty face. I love beating off when I have her on my mind! Imagining her kneeling in front of me with her mouth wide open, waiting for me to feed her my thick creamy load.
She is growing up to be one fine piece of cock candy!

My cum tribute to Hailee Steinfeld.
She looks so sexy!
I'm so beefy for you baby!
Suck on the tip sexy! 
Put my balls in your mouth.
Get ready cause here it cums!
Oh wow, that felt so amazing!
Dame, that thick load looks amazing all over her face!

Here's a few more sexy pictures of Hailee worthy of some cum.
Yeah baby, ride that cock cow girl style!
I love them beautiful brown eyes!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Brie Larson Gets Some Thick Cum

Brie Larson looked so sexy wearing them tight little tops in the movie "Kong - Skull Island". Her tits were looking so ample and firm. She definitely had me growing a "kong cock" with veins bulging and every thing. I just love it when a celebrity makes my cock throb and aching to get drained of all its thick man milk!
Yeah, slippery and wet my favorite!

My cum tribute to Brie Larson.
First Load Of Thick Baby Batter:
 She looks gorgeous.
 Suck on this thick cock baby!
 Mmmmmmm, get ready for some thick cum sexy!
 Wow, that felt amazing!
Great looking facial baby!

 Second Load Of Thick Baby Batter:
 She looks so sexy in this picture.
 Dame, you have my cock throbbing hard!
 Suck on my balls baby!
 Get ready for a thick one baby!
 Fuck yeah, look at how thick, creamy and white that load is!
Wow, that thick sticky load on her face looks so hot!

Here's a few more sexy pictures of Brie to jerk too.
Dame, Brie has some amazing titties and check out them big nips!
She looks so sexy!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Can't Stop Cumming For Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is always a great pic for a cum tribute. She has hundreds of cum tributes out on the web by so many cum loaded fans and with an endless supply of material "pictures and videos" to work with there will be hundreds more. I know I definitely will be making many more cum tributes for Selena in the future "with out a doubt". I'm already horny and hard for her again just writing this post. I guess its time to drop another load for her. Mmmmmmmm, I do love popping my milk off to her. She is just so hot and sexy looking!
That's it baby, ride that cock!

My cum tribute to Selena Gomez.
 She looks gorgeous in red!
 Such a beautiful smile.
 I'm so swollen for you baby!
 Get ready for my load baby!
 She always looks so good covered in spunk!
What a huge cum wad!

Here's a few more sexy pictures of Selena to milk your cocks too, enjoy!
Oh yeah, this pussy is so wet!