Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tia Tanaka Sucks Me Dry!

I first seen Tia Tanaka doing a school girl scene and she looked hot. Watching her get fucked by her teacher brought on an intense milking orgasm after that I was hooked on this little Asian slut. I started looking for her porn videos or anything I could find with her in it. The videos that really make my cock hard are her POV videos, she really works on them cocks like a pro.
Your such a good little Asian slut!

My cum tribute to Tia Tanaka.
She is such a sexy little Asian cock sucker!
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Now that's a facial baby!
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My Tia Tanaka Fake Pictures "My cock her mouth".
 Milk me dry sexy!
 You are such a good cock slut!
 You still want some more baby?
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 That's it, lick that last drop off baby!
She can't stop feeding of my swollen meat!

Here's a few more sexy pictures and GIF's of Tia to jerk-off to, enjoy!
She just loves the feel of that hot spunk on her pretty face!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Bigflip Fills Jasmine Byrne's Mouth With Cum

Jasmine Byrne is one of the few Mexican porn actresses that loves doing gangbangs and multiple cum swallows. She also the proud owner of one of the fattest camel toes that I have ever seen. It looks like its swollen when you first see it but no that's how fat that pussy is. That's a pussy that you really have to make out with "fow realz". 
Yeah baby, take it all!

My cum tribute to Jasmine Byrne.
Still hungry baby?
Come work on this cock for it sexy.
Don't forget the nuts.
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Fuck, that felt great!
You look great baby!
Your such a good slut, now go ahead and swallow that load!

Here's a few more sexy pictures of Jasmine to jerk off to, enjoy!

She looks so hot when she takes multiple shots of man milk!