Sunday, March 26, 2017

I Love Squirting On Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift still has that wholesome sweet looks but now she has that sexy woman's body. Them long gorgeous legs and sweet ass makes my cock jump and bounce till I give it some attention. She just has an amazing sexy and slim body "all around from head to toe". She definitely doesn't have any trouble milking my cock!
Oh yeah baby, that is what I want "your cunt".

My cum tribute to Taylor Swift.
 So sexy!
 She always looks amazing!
 What a juicy load!
Nice and creamy load.

Here's a few sexy pictures of Taylor worthy of some cum!
Oh yeah, naughty little Taylor likes getting her tight cunt licked any were.

Here's a few cum tributes from other web artist that I think are awesome works of cum art, enjoy!
Fuck this cum artist has an amazing looking beefy cock "so thick and veiny".
Oh my god, I love this Taylor and Selena picture. I'm gona have to fined one myself so I can bust a sweet thick load of my man milk all over these two fine looking fuck dolls.
Dame, some of these cum tributes have some amazing thick cum loads and the rest have huge cocks. Great work fellas.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Bigflip Squirts Semen On Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has that petite, sexy little school girl body. She is the perfect little fuck doll, beautiful and tight. She would make an amazing and obedient fuck toy. Waiting for you to come home so she can suck your cock and then fuck you till you've had your fill of her pussy. What more could any man ask for!  
She looks just like a real living fuck doll "yummy".

My cum tribute to Natalie Portman.
 She looks so sexy!
 Yeah, what a great big squirt.
Yeah, look at it ooze all over her!

Here's a few more sexy pictures of Natalie to jerk to.
She has beautiful brown eyes.

Jennifer Lopez Gets Covered In Man Milk

Jennifer Lopez is a Latina that sure knows how to take care of her body. Even after kids her body is still fit and sexy looking. That ass just keeps looking yummy as hell, it never fails at giving me a hard-on. So if she gives me a hard-on I'll give her that hot sperm load!
Mmmmmmmm, that's it baby. Move that sexy body!

My cum tribute to Jennifer Lopez.
 She still has a hot looking body.
 Nice creamy load!
She looks hot dripping with cum!

Here's a few more sexy pictures of Jennifer to squirt at!
All kinds of booty!