Sunday, July 16, 2017

Blake Lively Catches My Cock Spit

Blake Lively has done pretty good for herself since doing "Gossip girl". That yummy looking figure is what has been getting all her rolls. With them sexy long legs and curvy ass, mmmmmmmm that's what does it for me. She always gets some creamy cum from me. 
Fuck yeah, you can totally see her horny hard nipples poking out!

My cum tribute to Blake Lively.
 How about some jizz before you walk the red carpet
 Oh wow, that felt so good!
Not to thick but creamy!

Here's some more sexy pictures of Blake to jerk-off to.
She has an amazing bod.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Barbara Palvin Makes Me Explode On Her Face

Barbara Palvin is a sexy and young Hungarian model, actress and former Victoria's secrets model. She was also 2016 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue "Rookie of the year" and I see why! She definitely gave me a rock hard-on. She has thee most gorgeous blue eyes that will make you pull your cock out and milk yourself dry for her "I know I did".
I love that sexy little figure.

My cum tribute to Barbara Palvin.
Such beautiful looking eyes!
I have something you want!
Ahhhhhhh, I'm going to cum baby!
Oh fuck, that felt so god!
Go ahead and eat it baby!

Here's a few more sexy pictures of Barbara to cum on.
Such beautiful blue eyes!

Some fellow celebrity cum tributers on the web!
These awesome cum artist beat me to the punch or should I say beat me to the beat-off!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Sofia Vergara Gets Loaded With Leche

For someone who has never came out nude Sofia Vergara sure has men all around the world ready to milk there cocks to her "and that includes myself". Them big natural bouncing titties are amazing to watch and jerk-off to. I know I enjoy all her curves every chance I get!
She still is looking so yummy!

My cum tribute to Sofia Vergara.
First Load Of Man Leche:
Gorgeous brown eyes!
Now that was a good aim!
Nice and creamy!

Second Load Of Man Leche:
I just love her beautiful smile.
Oops, I got it all over your face and hair but what a huge creamy load!
What a huge facial.

Here's a few more sexy pictures and GIFs of Sofia for you guys to jerk-off to.
It's always a pleasure to watch her bounce!

Here's a few amazing fake pictures of her I found on the web, enjoy!
Id love to see her get fucked, to bad there fake. I still got my imagination!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kendall Jenner Makes My Cock Spew Out Semen

Kendall Jenner is the hottest of all the Kardashian bunch "in my opinion". She's also the only one who hasn't had plastic surgery. All natural, she's keeping it real. Hey some girls know how to make petite look amazing and that's what she is doing 
Yeah, let me feel them silky walls as they part open for my thick cock.

My cum tribute to Kendall Jenner.
First Load Of Ball Batter:
She has some sexy looking lips!
Someone is happy to see you!
Time to drain these nuts.
She can't stop looking at this big head!
Wow, what a facial!
Time to clean up that mess baby!

Second Load Of Ball Batter:
Such pretty brown eyes!
Come get this cock baby!
Suck them baby, suck them!
Get ready, I'm starting to leak.
Oh yeah!
Still looking hot!

Third Load Of Ball Batter:
So sexy looking!
Time to go to work on this cock baby!
It's gona start squirting sexy!
Oh wow, right in the face!
Lick up all that mess on your mouth sexy!

Here's a few more sexy pictures of Kendall for you guys to jerk-off to.