Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bigflip Unloads On Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis always looks so cute and sexy. That tight little petite body she has makes my nuts tingle and my cock swell. I bet with that petite body she is very skillful at cock riding. I'm sure she looks amazing riding that cock like a real cowgirl!
Mmmmmmmm, I like that naughty look!

My cum tribute to Mila Kunis.
First Spunk Load:
So ready for a facial.
 What a creamy load!
Time to eat up baby!

Second Spunk Load:
Ready for another one!
Look at all that extra cream for you to lick up.

Here's some more sexy pictures of Mila for you guys to play with.
So so sexy!

Ana Brenda Contreras Agarro Lo Que Queria

Ana Brenda Contreras makes watching TV novelas exciting "for me". How, you might ask! Well because now I don't just watch novelas, I beat off till I milk my cock to them and that's exciting to me.
She looks like a good fuck!

My cum tribute to Ana Brenda Contreras.
 Ready for that leche!
 Take all my nut baby!
Yeah, look at all my nut running down her nice, nice!

Here's a few more sexy pictures of Ana to jizz on.
Very nice looking curves.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Eva Longoria Gets Cum Squirted

Eva Longoria is always good for a good jerk session. She never looks bad, she looks like she wakes up already made-up. I'd like to wake up with her alright, right between her sexy legs. Her legs wrapped around me and my cock deep in her cunt to keep warm!
I love her sexy little tight body.

My cum tribute to Eva Longoria.
 Eva looks so tasty!
 There you go baby, right on target!
Lick that thick nut off your lips baby!

Here's some more sexy pictures of Eva to jerk-off to, enjoy!
Dame, them are some fine looking curves!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Demi Moore Gets Squirted On

Demi Moore has a body that you just want to cover in cum. She is looking so hot for her age. That's a woman that knows how to take care of her body and I'm sure she knows how to take care of a cock as well! I have a nice thick hard cock for her to take care of  "oh yeah". Them are some amazing curves on that sexy body!
 Dame, she had that body so tight and curvy.
Her legs look amazing, you can see the muscle tone "nice".

My cum tribute to Demi Moore.
She still looks hot.
Wow, that one went all over the place.
My load was all over the place, at least some spunk landed.

Here's a few more sexy GIF's and pictures of Demi.
She has an amazing body.

Amanda Seyfried Gets Her Face Splattered With Cum

Amanda Seyfried is a naughty little white girl. I like a girl that isn't shy about showing her body and she has a very nice looking body. I didn't even know she had made a movie were she comes out completely naked "nice". 
Yeah, I a woman who isn't afraid to show some titty!

My cum tribute to Amanda Seyfried.
 She has some beautiful eyes.
 Dame, I got chub for her.
 Yeah, look at all that man milk oozing down her face.
Slurp that cream off your mouth before it falls to the ground.

Here's some more sexy pictures of Amanda for you guys to jerk-off to, enjoy!
Wow, Amanda is a little freak.